Friday, April 18, 2003

Embedded Photographer: "I Saw Marines Kill Civilians"

The link speaks for itself, really:

A second vehicle drove up. The same scenario was repeated. Its passengers were killed on the spot. A grandfather was walking slowly with a cane on the sidewalk. They killed him too (SEE PHOTO IN LE MONDE). As with the old man, the Marines fired on a SUV driving along the river bank that was getting too close to them. Riddled with bullets, the vehicle rolled over. Two women and a child got out, miraculously still alive. They sought refuge in the wreckage. A few seconds later, it flew into bits as a tank lobbed a terse shot into it.

It's disturbingly reminiscent of this article, and just reinforces my impression that the US Marines are trigger-happy thugs with no concern for civillian lives.