Saturday, April 26, 2003

North Korea watch

Talks between North Korea and the US don't seem to be going well. The US wants North Korea to dismantle its nuclear programme and accept inspections, but the Koreans have seen what happened to Iraq, and aren't playing ball. And now they have apparantly not only threatened a weapons test, but to export the bombs as well.

The US has fucked this one up right from the beginning. They reneged on their original agreement, and didn't build the nuclear reactors they were supposed to. They refused to talk, when delays simply strengthened North Korea's hand. Now they're talking, but refusing to move from their original position - and treating the Koreans with contempt into the bargain.

You do not do that to a crazy guy with nuclear weapons.

At the moment, Bush seems to be doing everything possible to encourage the Koreans to do a missile or weapons test, which will escalate the crisis even further. You'd almost think that he wanted them to nuke California or something... perhaps its because they're democrats?