Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Everyone's talking about it

Everyone seems to be talking about the PM's attack on the Greens. Russell Brown asks WTF?, while DPF has a few words on Helen's imperial delusions (yes, talking about yourself in the third person is a sign of derangement - Simon Upton excepted). KiwiPundit has some wonderful scathing sarcasm about her arrogance as well (but ruins it with a comparisom with Hitler), and NZPundit is waiting for the day when the public gets sick of it.

Actually, I'm sick of it already. Helen needs to learn a little humility. And OTOH, I'll take her arrogance over the ghastly prospect of a Bill English / Richard Prebble combo any day.

As for the talk of the Greens "ruling themselves out as a potential coalition partner", I'll agree with John Armstrong (and disagree with DPF) in thinking that its not serious. Sure, Helen can threaten, but under MMP she is highly unlikely to be able to govern alone (in fact, last election shows that the public prefer to have some constraint on the governing party). When she's thrown United Future away like used kleenex, who else is she going to turn to? Winston Peters?

The Greens are a convenient scapegoat for the government today, but when the chips are down, they will both be cooperating to keep National out of power.