Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Supporting ethnic clensing

In response to my request for clarification, NZPundit says:

Simply put peace in the middle east will only come once the fantasy of an independent palestinian state on the west bank is dropped and many terrorists killed. There is already an independent state for the Palestinian people, created out of the original British partition of Mandatory Palestine (acting under the San Remo resolution).

It is of course Jordan with a 65% Palestinian population.

The Elon plan captures the essentials.

Following the links turns up the following:

Named for Benny Elon, the relatively small Moledet Party's leader and a member of the Knesset, the new peace plan calls for transferring Arabs from the West Bank and other areas to what Elon calls the "existing state of Palestine" – the nation of Jordan.

"Transfer" being a polite euphemism for ethnic clensing.

Excuse me. I have this sudden feeling of having trodden in something icky.