Thursday, September 25, 2003

Vileness continued

So, Holmes has apologised. NZPundit, in the meantime, accuses me of "moral relativity" for

[seeing] no difference between a broadcaster joking about the Secretary of the UN being a 'darkie' and a broadcaster joking about a victim of terror being mailed back to his family in pieces.

I think that - and the repeated jibes on his site today about very cheeky and uppity "darkies" - provides an answer to yesterday's question. NZPundit finds such blatant racism perfectly acceptable, at least when it is directed at his political enemies. But then, did we really expect anything different from someone who supports ethnic clensing?

Meanwhile, DPF has called the comments "stupid" and speculated on Holmes' sobriety. Possibly, but I find Damian Christie's emailed speculation that the whole thing was a ratings stunt cooked up months in advance to be more compelling. Though if true, it would make the whole incident doubly despicable. Racism is not something that should be pursued as a business strategy.