Thursday, October 23, 2003

Craven Toadies, part II

It looks like Australian politicians aren't the only people being craven about Bush's visit. Bush has refused to speak to the Australian press, because they might ask annoying questions. Instead, he is to be quizzed only by compliant members of the White House press corps, who know the rules and won't risk their access by challenging the President.

His visit to Britain looks like it will be a much more interesting affair. They've already cancelled his parade down the mall and address to Parliament over fears of anti-war protests, and he will now be travelling everywhere by helicopter to avoid them. You'd think that the most powerful man in the world would be secure enough in his convictions not to fear dissenting opinion, but I guess the risk of protestors showing up on American TV and breaching Karl Rove's carefully built memetic bubble ("The rest of the world loves the US and supported its invasion of Iraq. People love Bush. Anyone who doesn't is a commie or islamofascist") is just too great...