Friday, October 10, 2003

Legality of Camp X-Ray Questioned

The American military is holding about 660 terrorism suspects (including a number of children)from 42 countries at the US base in Cuba. They have been detained without trial. Some have been detained since January 2002. A small number will have the opportunity to be tried before a military tribunal (which is newspeak for "kangaroo court") but for most it wil be years before they actually stand trial. Quite how a country that claims to be decent, democratic and free can do this I really don't know (well actualy on US soil they can't do it which is why they have to do it in Cuba).

Fortunately there are Americans who find this as repugnant as I do and are trying to challenge the military's actions in the supreme court. I have my doubts that this will succeed and I doubt that anyone in the American media will give this issue the coverage it deserves but good on them for trying.