Friday, October 10, 2003

Why I hate HR proles, part II

yet another thing that gets my goat about HR agencies: ads that ask for

A tertiary qualification in operations research, economics, engineering or similar numerical discipline.

If I wanted somebody who was "highly numerate", I'd look for someone who had studied actual maths, or stats, or physics or engineering (one out of three ain't bad). But operations research and economics? These people don't learn real maths; they learn baby maths. Hell, economists haven't even discovered calculus yet (well, they have, but they do it by brute force and ignorance, and try to hide the fact that it's calculus. A d/dx or integral sign scares the poor wee dears...) But I guess if you're the sort of second-rate business major that goes on to do HR, economics or operations research is the scariest, most mathematical stuff you've encountered.

B-Ark, every single one of them...