Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Even Saddam deserves a lawyer

PNN slags off former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark for offering to defend Saddam at his trial. According to PNN, this makes Clark "genuinely evil".

PNN obviously does not care about justice or due process. Saddam may be an evil mass-murdering bastard, but even he deserves an adequate defence at trial. Ditto for Clark's previous clients. Skimping on this - or allowing the baying mob to intimidate lawyers into not representing unpopular clients - reduces us to the level of Soviet-style show trials. But somehow, I suspect that a "warmongering flag-waving God-fearing conservative" like PNN wouldn't mind that one little bit.

Update: (02/01/04) Right from the horse's mouth: "There's absolutely no need for a trial. Saddam's guilt is beyond doubt." This is the mentality that gave us "justice" by lynchmob.