Thursday, December 11, 2003

Who wants to work for the occupation?

After their initial mistake of disbanding the Iraqi army, the CPA started working on a new one. Unfortunately, things aren't going so well - out of the initial intake of 700, over a third have quit:

Touted as a key to Iraq's future, the 700-man battalion lost some 250 men over recent weeks as they were preparing to begin operations this month, Pentagon officials said.

"We are aware that a third ... has apparently resigned and we are looking into that in order to ensure that we can recruit and retain high-quality people for a new Iraqi army," said Lt. Col. James Cassella, a Pentagon spokesman.

At best, these people have decided the pay sucked and that they didn't want to be collaborators and work for the occupation. And at the worst, they've taken their new expertise and knowledge of American methods, and gone straight to the resistance...