Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Oppressed minorities

Circling Apollo laments the lack of ideological allies in the latest batch of blogs he's discovered:

It's a shame there aren't a few more libertarian voices amongst the newcomers - but I supposed that's just a sign of the times. Libertarians are like hen's teeth in NZ these days - most Kiwis love being bossed around by Stelen and her pals.

Libertarians are quite fond of this "we're an oppressed minority" meme, but a quick glance at the political compass survey I did two months back will show you that its full of shit. How many of the active political bloggers on the graph are Libertarians? Four - and that doesn't include two that didn't provide stats (KiwiPete, and of course Circling Apollo himself). How many active political bloggers are even on the left? Two - myself and Russell Brown. The fact is that Libertarians are vastly over-represented among Kiwi political blogs - but I guess Circling Apollo would rather pretend he's persecuted.

(Oh, and if anybody wants to be added to the political compass graph, there's a munged email address on your left)