Thursday, August 19, 2004

Brash statements

Justleft has an excellent post on Don Brash's claim that New Zealand is on the path to becoming a failed state and the strange correlation between our decline relative to Australia and the pursuit of the very policies Brash advocates...

Looking at the Stuff story, Brash's behaviour is actually quite disturbing:

When it was put to him that it might put potential investors off New Zealand, Dr Brash said he was just presenting a factual argument. "This government is damaging our prospects and it's important everybody knows that."

Asked if he thought it likely that his remarks would make someone who was thinking of expanding into New Zealand think again, Dr Brash responded: "I don't know."

It's clear that Brash is doing everything he can to undermine the economy so that he can then turn around and blame the government for it. In the process he is damaging the interests of every New Zealander for his own political gain. But then, this isn't really any change - he's already shown that he's willing to inflame racial tensions with lies in order to grub votes. And he wants to be Prime Minister?