Friday, August 13, 2004

Giving the green light to torture

The British Court of Appeal has ruled that British courts can use evidence extracted by torture, as long as British agents had not "procured" or "connived" at it. Turning a blind eye, or not inquiring too closely as to how the information was gained is perfectly acceptable, however. The British government has of course welcomed this monstrous decision, with David Blunkett (the British version of John Ashcroft) saying that while they (obviously) "unreservedly condemn the use of torture",

"it would be irresponsible not to take appropriate account of any information that could help protect national security and public safety".

Sorry, but no. Torture has no place in any legal system, and the willingness to use information extracted by those means makes a complete mockery of any condemnation. Gareth Peirce, a solicitor in the case, is right: Britain has completely lost its way, legally and morally...