Tuesday, August 17, 2004

A losing slogan

With the US election fast approaching, the Elder Party has nominated its usual candidate and kicked off its campaign for the presidency. This year, as usual, they're using a variation on the same old slogan:

Cthulhu for President 2004: Don't settle for the lesser evil!

Unfortunately, I'm not sure that that's really going to cut it this time round. I mean, Great Cthulhu may wait dead but dreaming for the time when the stars are right to wake and draw humanity into his many-tentacled maw, but is he really worse than George W. Bush? Are his policies really worse than those of the Republican Party of Texas?

Sadly, it's no longer clear that Great Cthulhu is in fact "the greater evil"; this essential point of difference has been lost. So instead he'll just have to follow the path of every other presidential candidate, and campaign on the following slogan:

Cthulhu for President 2004: The lesser evil for once.

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled broadcast.