Tuesday, September 28, 2004


The Whig disapproves of my calling the Allawi regime "unelected torturers". But this isn't chutzpah, and it isn't morally bankrupt - it is a simple statement of the truth. The Allawi regime is indeed unelected, and they are indeed torturers. I cannot in good conscience support any government that uses such tactics. I didn't support Saddam, I don't support Mugabe, and I'll be fucked before I support Allawi. The fact that The Whig feels that I should speaks volumes about his attitude towards fundamental human rights. He is nothing more than an apologist for torture.

I look forward to the elections, and hope that Iraq gets a better government out of the process - one that shows respect for human rights rather than resurrecting Saddam's tactics. But until then, the Allawi regime is not worthy of my or anybody else's support.