Friday, September 10, 2004


Running with the Devil accuses me of a "change of heart" over Tali Fahima:

He is no longer upset with Israel's reasons for arresting Tali Fahima (wonder what could have changed his mind?). He is now concerned with her "imprisonment without trial". Hey, I know this game. It involves throwing accusations at Israel and hoping one of them sits!

Hardly. The fact that she has been subjected to administrative detention rather than charged with any crime has always been my central concern in this case, though it may not have been entirely clear given the brevity of my original post. Detention without trial is something I have consistently opposed: I oppose it when it is done in Israel, I oppose it when it is done in Russia, I oppose it when it is done in the US and UK, and I oppose it when it is done right here in New Zealand. This is not a case of holding Israel to higher standards - I'm holding them to the same damn standards that I hold everybody else to: respect for fundamental human rights.

There's no question that Israel is better on average at respecting (Israeli's) human rights than it's neighbours - but that's setting the bar extraordinarily low, and in no way excuses any violations. If Israel wants to be regarded as a civilised nation, it must act like one - just like everybody else.