Monday, September 06, 2004

National has become the National Front

National has really come a long way from being the party of Jim Bolger, Doug Graham, and historical reconciliation - as illustrated by this extraordinary press release from Gerry Brownlee:

National Party Maori Affairs spokesman Gerry Brownlee says the rise of Tariana Turia's Party should force Labour to come clean on its agenda for Maori and its plan for race relations should it win the next election.

"The Maori Party has made it clear that it plans to work with Labour after the next election and that it plans to be uncompromising in its pursuit of bottom-line policies.

"Their presence, with significant support from Maori, will mean the political debate takes a different shape and direction.

"Labour can no longer sit on the fence. The Government must now make it clear where it stands on Maori issues and the place of the Treaty - so the public can make an informed choice about our country's direction.

Brownlee is demanding that Labour choose between Pakeha and Maori. And he has the gall to call them "divisive"?

Once upon a time National purported to govern in the interests of all New Zealanders (or at least in the interests of all the rich, regardless of race). Now by demanding that other parties choose which race they represent (and choosing itself to represent only Pakeha interests), it has degenerated into simply being a larger version of the National Front.