Thursday, November 11, 2004

But is that a Bad Thing?

Having failed to convince people that the government's planned constitutional review is illegitimate because it will deny them an election issue, National is trying another tack, and accusing the government of having a republican agenda. According to Tony Ryall,

"Helen Clark wants to sack the queen. It's as basic as that."

To which I think the best response is to turn around and ask "but is that a Bad Thing?"

There's no question that a move to a republic must enjoy wide popular support. But National's objection seems to be deeper than that, to the extent that they object to even the most preliminary of discussions. There's more than a few raving monarchists in the party - Richard Worth comes to mind - and they seem to want to try and make an issue out of it. Which can only be good news for republicans - because it will both promote discussion and build support. Because while people may not be terribly enthused about a republic, they're likely to be even less enthused by the sight of senior National MPs falling all over themselves to worship a doddery old woman whose dogs piss on the carpet.