Monday, November 29, 2004

What we're dealing with

The Campaign for Civil Unions has posted a list of quotes from submissions against the Civil Union Bill, which gives some idea of what we are dealing with. Passing the Bill will cause us to "sin as a nation", encourage "corruptions of the divine order", and "bring a curse on our land"; gays are "a blot on society, unhealthy, repugnant", "a burden to the state", and "worthy of death". These people are hateful, feral, and seemingly deeply disturbed (not to mention having a poor grasp of ethics). They're also obsessed with anal sex - as seen in this classic

the rectum is for excretion not for the wasting of sperm. Sperm is what produces children it was not created to flow up stream.

What next? Corruption of our precious bodily fluids?

If we really needed any proof of why religion has no place in public policy, then this is it. These people want everyone to live according to the dictates of their god, an idea whose stupidity was conclusively proven by the religious wars and massacres of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. And they see the law as a way of achieving this. But the law does not exist to promote or enforce virtue - it exists to keep people from each other's throats so that they can find virtue for themselves.

Different religious beliefs are a fact. Different sexualities are a fact. Different ideals of the good life are a fact. The only way we can live together as one society without killing one another is to accept these facts, and establish a neutral framework that allows people as much freedom as possible to live their own lives, and denies the right of any tendency or ideology to use the state as a weapon against its enemies.