Monday, November 29, 2004

The perfect response

DPF has been talking about a pastor who has started a "limited fast" to save society from the Civil Union Bill, and Paul Adams of United Future has jumped on the bandwagon. How should those in favour of freedom, equality and justice respond? Eating for them, of course!

Gay Eaters for Jesus, a national group providing tautoko to the Government’s proposed Civil Union Bill and Relationships (Statutory References) Bill, began it’s campaign of support for the legislation by calling on supporters nationwide to treat themselves to an extra portion of kai when they sit down for the next meal.


"We want to promote a positive message with our action", said Xavier Goldie, facilitator of GEFJ. "Too often activists like Mr Adams and Mr Trim like to punish themselves when engaging with the political system. We feel that it is our duty to make sure that the extra food left over by these deluded individuals isn’t going to waste".

I for one intend to eat a little extra over the next few days - for Paul's sake.