Friday, June 09, 2006

Sedition on the internet!

NewstalkZB has noticed that Tim Selwyn has republished the text of his seditious leaflet on his blog. Shock! Horror! But in fact this isn't news at all. The leaflet has been available online pretty much since the day it was released. Scoop published it the next day, as did the Herald, and I've had it up as part of my Sedition by Example series since March last year, and it was posted at Dog Biting Men around the same time. Not even Selwyn's post is new; he originally republished it in May last year, and this is a republication of a republication.

If Selwyn is "in further trouble" for this, then so are a lot of other people. But I forget: words are only seditious if uttered or published by the wrong people. That's certainly the lesson of the C.O.B. Davis case, and it looks to be true here as well.


I think the axe and the attempt to enlist Black Power didn't help. Circumstances I/S, circumstances.

Posted by Gooner : 6/10/2006 04:36:00 AM