Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Looking at the list of bills before Select Committee, I see that Gordon Copeland's New Zealand Bill of Rights (Private Property Rights) Amendment Bill (currently before the Justice and Electoral Committee) has been delayed again. It was originally scheduled to report back tomorrow, but this has now been pushed back until the end of February. It's a bit annoying, as I'd gone to the effort of submitting on the bill and was interested in seeing what the committee would do with it; now it looks like I'll have to wait another six months to find out.

BTW, if anyone is wondering why passage of this bill in its current form is a bad idea, check out this story [temporary] in today's Independent, in which the Business Roundtable argue that the losses suffered by Telecom's shareholders in the wake of the government's unbundling of the local loop was "theft". If the bill was law, then they would be able to take action under the BORA for compensation for their loss. They might not win, but the risk of legal action would be a significant deterrent to the government. The net effect would be that the government could no longer effectively regulate, even in cases where monopolies were abusing their position. Which is of course exactly what the BRT - whose members corruptly purchased monopolies during the government asset-stripping of the Revolution - want.