Friday, August 25, 2006

Flying while asian

Yesterday, news bulletins were dominated by the story of a US airliner forced to return to Amsterdam under fighter escort because some passengers were behaving "suspiciously". Today, we learn that that "suspicious" behaviour was that the passengers were

of Asian appearance, [and] reportedly aroused suspicion by fiddling with mobile phones and plastic bags.

The plane was going to Mumbai.

They've fortunately all been released now, there being no evidence at all that they were actually doing anything. Instead, it seems that the jumpy and the bigoted and the ignorant have again persecuted the innocent in the name of "security". And the fact that every time they do this hands a significant propaganda victory to those wanting to recruit more terrorists seems completely lost on them.


Man asked to change his "offensive" Arabic shirt.

Quote: "people here in the US don't understand these things about constitutional rights."

Posted by Repton : 8/25/2006 05:28:00 PM