Friday, August 18, 2006

Justice in Peru

When Ollanta Humala lost the Peruvian presidential election earlier in the year, I wasn't exactly displeased. Sure, he was on the left - but he had also tried to seize power through a military coup, and reportedly had a nasty history of human rights abuses. Now, it seems that that nasty history has caught up with him. Peruvian prosecutors have filed charges of murder, torture, and forced disappearance relating to actions by soldiers under Humala's command, and a judge is currently considering whether to issue a formal indictement. I guess Peru's disappeared are going to get some justice after all...


I regret to say IsraelĂ­ butcher Sharon's luck was so different than Ollanta could be. The basic difference is Sharon killed enemy aliens and Ollanta seems have commited crimes against Sendero Luminoso peruvian mesianic ultra left militants.

I also wonder if to be nationalist like Ollanta in the empire's border or neocolony doesn't make any difference. Sharon also was nationalist of course, but not in the backyard of Mordor.

Posted by Lolamento : 8/20/2006 03:26:00 AM