Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Protest today in Wellington

The New Zealand defence industry is having its annual conference and trade fair at Te Papa over the next few days, and Peace Action Wellington have organised a protest march against it, leaving from Pigeon Park (corner of Manners and Taranaki Streets) at noon today, and marching to Te Papa for a concert. Participants are warned that the police have been rather enthusiastic about shutting down protest around this event, and people who don't want to take risks should "stick to the concert side". Their cynical comment was

It's funny how there are so many complaints about police not responding to calls, and police insisting they need more resources, yet half a dozen cars can race to the scene when a rich businessman reports that a few clowns made some noise outside and then left.

Very funny indeed. Remember, there's a men's rights group currently picketing the homes of family court judges and divorce lawyers, which doesn't attract anything like this response. Such gross inconsistency does nothing to promote public faith in the police.

(I apologise for the late notice, but my spam filter seems to be being a bit overenthusiastic).