Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Something to go to in Auckland

The Bruce Jesson Foundation will be holding its annual lecture next month. This year's speaker is former Listener journalist and Green Party media advisor Gordon Campbell. His topic is Getting personal: The trends towards tabloidisation, personalisation, and commercialisation and how they are shaping the ways that the media and politicians deal with each other:

The lecture traces the trends towards tabloidisation, personalisation, and commercialisation in the mainstream media in New Zealand, from the perspectives of someone who has been a former Gallery journalist and is a current media adviser. The lecture will be using various media theories, film criticism, relationship counselling and the legacy of Bruce Jesson to try and explain why Gallery coverage and political spin has become increasingly non-linear and apparently trivial in a traditional policy sense. It will conclude by citing a few upcoming issues that will require activists to develop other avenues of political discourse than print and television, and speculates on how this might be done.

When: November 21st, 18:30 (bar open from 17:30)
Where: Maidment Theatre, University of Auckland (8 Alfred Street)
How much: Free!

It should be well worth going to.