Friday, February 23, 2007

Bradford has the votes

According to this morning's Herald, things are looking good for Sue Bradford's Crimes (Substituted Section 59) Amendment Bill. NZ First MP Doug Woolerton has agreed to back the bill and oppose any amendment, meaning that it now has 61 votes against the amendment. meanwhile, two National MPs, Katherine Rich and Dr Jackie Blue, have confirmed thatthey will vote for it if Chester Borrow's amendments fail. So the bill now seems highly likely to become law.


Well I guess next up you will have to call for the ban of time-out because, you know, time-out is like involuntary imprisonment.

But I guess you won't be doing this because you can see there is a difference. Can't you?

Of course, to support such a ban would mean that logically we would have to also support a ban on compulsory schooling because if that is not involuntary imprisonment well...

Hmmm...I could get enthusiastic about that!

Of course, I don't support a ban on time-outs. Or smacking. Or prostitution for that matter. These are all moral issues that the state should steer well clear of.

I do, however, believe in non-coercive learning (see my other comment today). So I therefore find it incredibly ironic that so many people want to use the state as a agent for coercive learning.

Got an issue. Persuade me for fuck's sake! Bans on things that are just morally wrong are a sign of an uncivilized society.

Posted by Brian S : 2/24/2007 09:34:00 AM