Monday, February 26, 2007

"No church involvement"

The Exclusive Brethren Church has denied it had any involvement in the 2005 election [audio], saying that "there was certainly no church sponsored involement in anything political" and that the publication of anonymous smears, running of push polls, funding and support for the National Party and hiring of private investigators to stalk the Prime Minister and her partner were all the actions of a few individual members.

Of course they were. The facts that the "secret seven" were all high up in the New Zealand Church heirarchy, that hundreds of rank-and-file members contributed to National's campaign as volunteers, that children in Brethren-run schools were given push-polling as "homework assignments", that their political activities followed the same pattern set by the Brethren in the Australian, Swedish, Victorian, Tasmanian, and US elections, and that this is a cult where people don't wipe their arse without a note from the "elect vessel" obviously mean nothing. And if you believe that, I have a god to sell you...


This latest "denial of church involvment" is so blatantly wrong that it only further undermines what little credibility this crew of nutjobs ever had.

Posted by Anonymous : 2/26/2007 08:25:00 PM

Yes blatantly wrong is right !.And whats more if a inquiry doesnt come about now ! it will in time to come ! and those that vote against it now will look very silly .Ok so Tony McCorkell says Bruce Hales reckons it was just afew members ! . That true huh? well then so he had plenty of time to stop it then .I mean to say if someone was watching TV in the cult he would hear about it soon enough .And put a end to it pretty quick as well .And is`nt it rather a strange !? Tony McCorkell works for the eb and also Mr Howard as well !!! The thing is i have inside eb imformation Bruce Hales met with Howard and gave the blessing from him and the church! to go to war in Afaganistan ! .Funny thing to eb dont really do charity work ! but for some reason they got involved with it at ground zero twin towers .Why? simple i believe muslem is as much against their faith as is gay people .There is more to come out about the eb yet .

Posted by Anonymous : 2/28/2007 06:07:00 PM