Saturday, February 10, 2007

Layout fixed

Thanks to zANavAShi, the Great Old Ones have been sealed away with the Elder Sign the layout has been fixed, and now resizes properly and works in IE6 (and, apprently, Opera8, though I haven't checked it). I'm not sure about other browsers, but that should cover most people.

Meanwhile, I've become aware that there's a validation problem with the new RSS feeds. Unfortunately, this isn't something I have any control over - I just click a box, and Blogger does the rest. They do seem to work OK in BlogLines, though, and the LJ feed still works for those of you who like to get NRT that way. People who seriously use RSS (I don't) may want to suggest a way around the problem.

So, what next? There's a "recent posts" hack similar to the comments one, which I'm thinking of installing (the archive is likely to be too unweildy after a few days, so I'll zip it up to "monthly"), and I'm thinking of using Feedblitz so people can get NRT by email. And of course I need to get my labelling scheme properly sorted out. But for the moment, I'm just happy that things are working properly again.


Looks good to me.

On a Mac:
Firefox 1.0.1 isn't exploded or anything - right border of of the sidebar is only one pixel under the actual sidebar finishes (can also just back out a difference in background colour at that point). overlong words (in the archive section mostly) have the ends covered by the main section (in Safari they wrap). Sidebar is narrow - main panel just obscures the edge of the vast left wing conspiracy graphic.

Safari 1.3 sweet as.

IE 5, as if it matters, is fine - the text is different. Works a lot better than the blogger banner.

I've actually never been able to live-bookmark your feed in Firefox (PC or Mac) and I can now, so I'm sweet.

Although, obviously, I need to update the browsers on my home computer.

Posted by Lyndon : 2/10/2007 04:38:00 PM

Well, there went the tag-cloud. If anyone using blogger is wondering how to get one, the instructions are here.

Posted by Idiot/Savant : 2/10/2007 11:00:00 PM

I have had no problems with my RSS feed, which is the atom feed.

Posted by Mashugenah : 2/11/2007 10:08:00 AM

Under the new format, all blog contents now seem to have disappeared from Netscape (I normally use 6.2; have switched to IE5 to post this). Yeh, I know, ancient software, but there's not much I can do about upgrading it without getting a new machine in my office (which depends on my university department budget, >hah<)

-- linger (Robert)

Posted by Anonymous : 2/13/2007 04:09:00 PM