Tuesday, April 17, 2007


The Exclusive Brethren have officially disowned the secret seven, with an official spokesperson saying they are acting independently of the church. But does anyone really believe them?

Personally, I'll be watching to see whether they continue to run similar anonymous smear campaigns in other countries, rather than trusting the word of a group which has shown it is quite willing to lie to advance its political aims.


Who cares.

The excessive degree to which, let us be frank, anti-Christian elements in socialist political parties like Labour and the Greens, have whipped up rabid vilification of church groups like the Exclusive Brethren is vastly disproportionate to their impact on society.

The Brethren are a small church and their members keep mostly to themselves and do not interact with the wider community to a great extent.

The Brethren are just the latest whipping boy for the gay rights movement, there's nothing new in it. I trust that most intelligent New Zealanders will see these attacks for what they are - Labour and Co trampling all over human rights on their campaign of persecuting the Brethren.

Posted by Anonymous : 4/19/2007 10:14:00 AM