Sunday, April 15, 2007

Just what we need

Former Labour MP Taito Phillip Field is apparently planning a new political party, based on "family values". Because that's just what we need - another right-wing Christian party. Still, if he thinks he can retain his seat (and possibly bring a friend with him) by pandering to the same narrow slice of the political spectrum already claimed by United Future and Destiny NZ, then good luck to him. And if we're lucky, he'll split the vote and take them all down with him...


or split the left even further...

Posted by Anonymous : 4/15/2007 03:14:00 PM

I'd feel a whole lot better about a family values based party if the creator wasn't under the cloud of likely corruption.

Posted by Muerk : 4/15/2007 03:41:00 PM

Anon1: I doubt it - his appeal (if any) is mostly local. Though it will pose problems for Labour's "pump the vote" strategy.

Muerk: clearly corruption and enriching yourself at the expense of the poor and needy is now a "family value".

Anon2: he may be economically on the left, but socially he's well over on the right. The sort of "lefty" I can do without, thankyouverymuch.

Posted by Idiot/Savant : 4/15/2007 04:18:00 PM

The "ROC" party, Conservative, Mauri Pacific, Christian Democrats, and so on ... all long forgotten. MMP's short history is full of individual MPs who thought they mattered, and didn't. Add one more to the list.

But it will be fun to watch John Key squirm when he's asked if he will work with Field, a close ally of the Maori Party Key has been courting.

Posted by Anonymous : 4/15/2007 04:36:00 PM

Field family values = feudalism, corruption, child beating..

Posted by Rich : 4/16/2007 05:15:00 PM