Monday, July 09, 2007

Calling a racist bastard a racist bastard

One thing I like about Hone harawira is that he is a shitstirrer, who is not afraid to call a racist bastard a racist bastard:

Maori Party MP Hone Harawira has labelled Australian Prime Minister John Howard a "racist bastard" for his radical intervention aimed at stopping child abuse in Aboriginal communities.

He has told Australian media that if he was an Aboriginal man in the Northern Territory, with his leader saying he was a an alcoholic, into pornography and into sexual abuse, all he would want to do is go out and smash someone.

Harawira says John Howard is trying to impose racist policies on a people who can't fight back.

He likened Howard's plan to the US invasion of Iraq and said it was ill thought out and was clearly aimed at helping him win the next election.

Compare this with the spineless response of the Australian Labour Party, which was to roll over and say "me too!".

Meanwhile if you'd like to show your disapproval of Howard's racist wedge, there's a rand march in solidarity with the indigenous peoples of Australia's Northern Territory in Wellington this weekend:

When: Saturday 14 July (Bastille Day!), 12:00 - 14:00
Where: Midland Park, marching to Te Aro Park.