Thursday, July 26, 2007


The first ballot for Member's Bills since last November was held today, and the following bill was drawn:

  • Public Works (Offer Back of and Compensation for Acquired Land) Amendment Bill (Te Ururoa Flavell)

The bill has previously been covered by an "In the ballot" post, here.

I'm still waiting to see the full list of bills in the ballot, as my previous source has moved on. If anyone can help me with this and wants to become one of my moles (or other burrowing mammal of choice) in Parliament, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Update: A Long-nosed Potoroo has forwarded on the list, and there were a host of new bills in the ballot, including:

  • Auckland and Wellington Local Government Reform Bill (Marc Blumsky)
  • Infant Feeding Bill (Steve Chadwick)
  • Citizenship (For Descendants of Those in the Service of New Zealand) Amendment Bill (Judith Collins)
  • Sentencing (Protection of Children from Criminal Offending) Amendment Bill (Brian Donnelly)
  • Immigration (Probation Period) Amendment Bill (Ron Mark)
  • New Zealand Superannuation (Non-Qualified Spouse Entitlement) Amendment Bill (Pita Paraone)
  • Education (K├┤hanga Reo, Kura Kaupapa Maori, and Early Childhood Standards) Amendment Bill (Dr Pita Sharples)
  • Environment (State of the Environment Reporting) Amendment Bill (Dr Nick Smith)
  • Reserve Bank (Amending of Primary Function of Bank) Amendment Bill (Doug Woolerton)

Hopefully I'll be able to do an "In the ballot" on some of these next week, depending on whether MPs send me enough information.