Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A special pit of vileness

The internet can be a pretty vile place, particularly for women. But one of our local sewer blogs (no link as it is well beyond the cordon sanitaire) has managed to find its own special pit of vileness in suggesting that a female blogger it politically disagrees with should be "fixed" by being raped.

Clint Heine linked to my post about The Australian Labor Party. The post and comments are almost entirely made up of personal insults, which is unsurprising. But one commenter, James, said (about me):

Nothing a big black dildo won't fix......

Clint replied:

James.....!!! Nice suggestion, go over there and tell her that :)

Insults go with the territory, I have no problem with people calling me a thieving, parasite dog. But James wants to hold me down and stick an object in my vagina (or mouth, or anus), and Clint thinks this is a good idea.

As Maia points out, Heine blogs under his own name, and previously was the ACT party's youth president. And yet he thinks that threats of sexual violence are perfectly acceptable (and indeed, something to be encouraged rather than condemned). They're not - and we should all be ashamed to have a sorry little creep like this in our midst.

But no doubt he and the other sewer-dwellers will accuse Maia of being "oversensitive" and claim that he was "only joking"...