Thursday, April 17, 2008

Climate change: the latest inventory

The Ministry for the Environment released its latest inventory report today. All they're producing locally is an overview, but the full data is available on the uNFCCC website here [ZIP]. The headline data is shown in the graph below (stolen from p. 18):


Overall emissions rose by 0.9%, from 77.16 to 77.87 MTCO2-e. The good news is that that's a pretty small increase in historical terms. The bad news is that they're still going up. The other bad news is that we've recalculated our 1990 forest removals again, increasing them from 18.98 to 20.51 MTCO2-e, which means out CP1 Allowed Amount will decrease. The cost of that decrease at $25 / ton is almost $200 million.