Thursday, April 10, 2008

Olympic farce: San Francisco leg

The torch of shame is in San Francisco for yet another leg of its Chinese global propaganda tour. The route has already been shortened in response to Chinese concerns about protestors ruining their photo op, and according to media reports, it was shortened again today. More amusing is what happened when the torch was lit. It was expected to go by road, but instead, unexpectedly made the first part of its journey by boat:

Moments after it started on its relay here at 1:35 p.m., the Olympic torch disappeared.

The first flame bearer left the podium near this city's waterfront and, surrounded by security, dashed into a massive pier-side building less than 300 feet away, leaving stunned onlookers shaking their heads.

Moments later, a police boat pulled up to the dock, surrounded but officers on jet skis.

Is it a relay if no-one can see it?

According to the Guardian's liveblog, the torch has since returned to land, a significant distance from its original route, and it may not even finish at the original location. So, they have no protestors - but no spectators either. So much for taking the torch to the people...

Update: According to the Students for a free Tibet liveblog, one of the torchbearers pulled a Tibetan pulled a Tibetan flag, and had the torch taken away.