Monday, April 21, 2008


There's an election coming up, and so we're seeing a new crop of political parties appearing. In addition to the various bastard children of Destiny Church, Gordon Copeland, and Taito Phillip Field, and the Liberals, we also have various extreme left cliques, with both the Worker's party and the Auckland-based Resident's Action Movement trying to get the 500 members necessary for registration. And of course we have the single-issue parties - last election had the pro-passive smoking WIN Party (now disbanded), and this time round it looks like we will have the No Commercial Airport at Whenuapai Airbase party. But I think the best one is the "New World Order Party". According to my sources, this was founded by a Hamilton "eccentric" (to use a polite euphemism), and in the last six months they've got enough members to apply for registration (apparently, these members have also agreed to salute the leader of the NWO every time they see him; I assume this means they are pro- rather than anti-New World Order). So, a mad guy in Hamilton can get 500 members from a small area of the Waikato, while various attempts at a "broad left" movement can't get them nationwide. That's what doctrinal purity, Marxist politics, and no sense of humour gets you.

Sadly, neither the Bavarian Illuminati, the Cthulhu Cult or the Gnomes of Zurich seem interested in contesting the election. But then again, why would they need to?