Thursday, June 26, 2008

Appalling ignorance

I was going to blog about John Key's appalling ignorance in claiming [audio] that

One of the things that is unique about New Zealand is we're not a country that has come about as a result of civil war or where there has been a lot of fighting internally.
But it seems that The Standard has said pretty much what I wanted to say. Anyone who isn't aware that the settler government imposed its rule on New Zealand pretty much by force of arms and stole land at the point of a gun in gross violation of the Treaty of Waitangi, or that on at least two occassions in our history (1913 and 1951), the New Zealand government has declared war on its own people, alternatively sending armed thugs into the streets to beat and shoot them, and declaring it illegal to give them food, is simply too ignorant to be Prime Minister. But then, should we really have expected anything better from a guy who doesn't remember where he stood on the Springbok Tour?

Meanwhile, according to the Herald, Key is "looking at 'taking other actions' in relation to the comments". So, he'll be forcing another "correction" from a journalist for having the temerity to report Key in his own words?