Monday, June 16, 2008

Trivial and superficial

I shouldn't need to remind anyone of this, but this is an election year. In just four or five month’s time, New Zealand will be going to the polls to decide who gets to run the country for the next three years. So you'd expect our political media to be at the top of their game, exploring every issue, making sure the public is informed on what the parties stand for and what they disagree on, so we can make an informed choice and make our votes count.

Sadly, you'd be mistaken. Exhibit A? The New Zealand Herald over the weekend. Its lead story? Key winner of sexy vote. It's second? MP gets engaged with proposal written in the sand. Trivial, superficial, tabloid crap. It's no wonder parties get away with not having any policy, or lying to the public - our political "journalists" are too busy worrying about who looks fat. Next week: "John's policy bump", "Helen's hidden pain", and some zoom-lens topless photos of Rodney Hide. Can I have some real news please?