Saturday, June 28, 2008

Small parties die

This election cycle has seen the emergence of a number of new political parties - the Liberals, iCount, RAM and the New World Order among them. It has also seen the demise of a few. The Direct Democracy Party seems to have vanished, perhaps because the Nazis feel they no longer need it as a front. Outdoor Recreation deregistered itself last year and won't be running any candidates. ACT breakaway the Freedom Party have vanished without trace. And now it seems the Equal Values Party have given up the ghost as well. According to an email, they won't be contesting the election this year, and will simply be leaving their website there as a "time capsule". Given that they gained all of 86 votes last time, that's not exactly surprising, I suppose.

Given the turnover among minnow parties, I can't help but wonder which of the new ones founded this year will disappear before the next election.