Saturday, August 23, 2008

Maori Party List

The Maori Party has released its party list. It's much shorter than last time, with only 19 candidates, but this makes a lot of sense. Quite apart from the fact that they're electorate-focused (and heading for an overhang on current polling), they're a small party and even in their wildest dreams not expecting to get more than 10% of the vote. So why bother listing candidates (and dealing with the whole issue of inflated and/or bruised egos) as if they expect to get 50%? For a small party, a short list saves a lot of hassle, and I'm surprised more small parties aren't doing it.

As with the other parties, I've done a table showing the candidates and their relative placements with last time. As with the other small parties, there's a large amount of churn, though nowhere near as much as ACT.

2008 RankName2005 RankDifference
1Hon Tariana Turia10
2Dr Pita Sharples20
3Hone Harawira----
4Te Ururoa Flavell10+6
5Angeline Greensill9+4
6Derek Fox----
7Rahui Katene----
8Naida Glavish----
9Iritana Tawhiwhirangi----
10Hector Matthews----
11Te Orohi Paul13+2
12Amokura Panoho----
13Grant Hawke----
14Bronwyn Yates140
15Josie Peita21+6
16Richard Orzecki32+16
17Mereana Pitman----
18Te Awanuiarangi Black----
19Georgina Haremate-Crawford40+21

As mentioned earlier, the Maori Party are primarily electorate-based, and headed for an overhang on current polling, so the list will only really come into play if they lift their party vote to ~6%.