Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A victory for freedom of expression

The Auckland City Council has failed in its attempt to ban the "boobs on bikes" parade. It may be tacky, it may be exploitative, it may be a gratuitous waste of petrol - but its not actually illegal:

Judge Mathers said although some councillors may deem the parade to be offensive, she did not agree, even if it was tacky.

Females walking down the street bare-breasted was not unlawful. But she added her decision was made by considering the law not morals.

Which at least reverses one sexist double-standard in our society. Meanwhile, the Hamilton police clearly didn't get the memo...

(As for where I stand on "boobs on bikes", the answer is "nowhere near it". But if people want to parade around topless, that's their business, and I don't see any reason why the government should give a damn).