Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More hearts and minds

Last week, the US invaded Pakistan, its nominal ally in the "war on terror", and killed 20 civilians in a botched raid against "a suspected al-Qaeda target". This week, the Pakistanis have decided they're not going to put up with it anymore:

Pakistani forces have fired on US troops near the Afghan border, stopping them from entering a remote north-western region of the country, local security officials said today.

According to reports, US helicopters landed on the Afghan side of the border at about midnight. As the US troops disembarked and tried to cross into Pakistan, Pakistani soldiers at a checkpoint fired into the air, forcing them to turn back.

"The US choppers came into Pakistan by just 100 to 150 metres. Our troops did not spare them, opened fire on them, and they turned away," one security official told Reuters.

And tomorrow night, when its the Taleban who want across, these guys will look the other wya because they'll be attacking the people who invaded their country. Another stunning victory in the US battle for hearts and minds...