Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Canada votes

Canada goes to the polls today in a snap election - the third election in four years. The election has been called by Conservative Party, currently ruling as a minority government, in an effort to win a majority. But while the polls show some improvement in their relative position (mainly due to the Liberals losing ground to the left-wing NDP), no-one seems to be projecting that they will win the crucial 155 seats.

Canada has an unfair electoral system, and this will skew the results tomorrow. For example, the Green party seems to be polling about even with the Bloc Quebecois - but the latter are expected to win around 50 seats, while the Greens are expected to win none. The NDP is polling at about twice the level of the Bloc - but will get only three quarters of the seats. Inequities like this are one reason why New Zealand ditched FPP for a fairer, proportional system. Canada should do the same.

I'll post results when they come out tomorrow.