Friday, October 17, 2008

Channeling the National Front

There's an election on, and so, like clockwork, Winston Peters is bashing immigrants again. This time round he's ditched the overt racial fearmongering of claiming that they're all terrorists or that we are being "colonised", instead going for the traditional cry of "they're stealing our jobs!" Indeed they are. I can think of one man, an immigrant from a land which does not share our tolerant and democratic culture, but instead has state religion and a class system, who has managed to become a Member of Parliament, thus depriving a decent, honest kiwi of a place in the House. That man is NZ First's Peter Brown.

Cheap jokes aside, we have a Minister of the crown channeling the National Front and whipping up racial hatred to get elected. Peters is a poisonous influence on our politics and on our society, and I am looking forward to his de-election.