Thursday, October 30, 2008

Vote for them

The Greens online billboard generator is neat for two reasons. The first is obviously that you get to make your own Green Party billboard with your own photo. The second is that you get to see the billboards other people have been making. The latter is an insight into what matters to Green Party voters. And there's some great stuff in there, which neatly encapsulates what the Greens stand for. In addition to the expected photos of families, children and pets, there's also buses and trains (they really need some wind turbines), Kea, Tui, kereru, whales, and Tuatara. But best of all are the shots of New Zealand's natural environment: cabbage trees, beaches, pancake rocks, forests, mountains, rivers, estuaries and the ocean, all contributed by ordinary New Zealanders, and all tagged with that simple slogan: "vote for me". It's a powerful message, and it tells us a lot about what we care about.