Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Select committee supports medical THC

The Health Committee has reported back [PDF] on a petition from NORML asking them to change the law to allow medical use of marijuana. Despite strong evidence from the Ministry of Health of its efficacy and safety, and a submission from the New Zealand Drug Foundation in support, it shied away from backing them, and instead recommended that THC-based medicines be listed under the Medicines Act, making them easier to prescribe.

Even that mild recommendation is likely to be controversial with the anti-drug wingnuts - but it shouldn't be. We're happy to use opiates as medicines, despite the fact that they also have recreational uses. Why shouldn't we also use THC if it has proven medical benefits? But sadly, the degree of hysteria about drugs in our society means that what should be the key question - whether it is safe and effective as a medicine - is drowned out in the noise.