Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This is what racism looks like

This piece of garbage from cartoonist Jim Hubbard was splashed across the opinion pages of the Manawatu Standard today:

Jim Hubbard political cartoon - 26 April 2009

(Image stolen from NZPA).

I can only conclude that Hubbard is an ignorant redneck who has no clue about the history which underlies Treaty settlements, or how little we spend on them. That, or he is deliberately trying to incite racial hatred (a quick test: ask yourself what it would look like if it was about Jews. This one definitely fails). Either way, I'm surprised a respectable (albeit provincial) newspaper would publish it. Or did they have the Don Brash in to edit for the day?

(I'm also strongly reminded of another vile cartoon a few years back, showing health, education etc as starving dogs watching on while a fat dog labelled "Maori" was fed in front of them. Was that one by Hubbard as well?)