Friday, February 26, 2010

A sense of entitlement

The Dominion-Post this morning reports that former Housing Minister Phil Heatley was repeatedly warned by officials that his abuse of Ministerial credit cards for personal spending was against the rules:

In July and September, Mr Heatley was told by a Ministerial Services manager: "Due to the scrutiny that credit cards attract we would like to remind you that all records are open to review and should comply with the five expenditure principles ... of the Ministerial Office handbook."

The principles include that spending is for official ministerial purposes only, they are properly documented, able to withstand audit scrutiny and comply with department delegations. They must also be "reasonable for the circumstances and able to withstand taxpayers' scrutiny".

Despite these warnings, he continued to use his Ministerial credit card for personal spending, including wine and holidays.

Sounds like he had entitlement issues. Good riddance, and hopefully he won't be back.