Monday, February 22, 2010

A useful addition to the political vocabulary

Courtesy of Public Address' David Haywood: Gluesniffer: an advocate of ACT-style free-market policies:

Hide's forehead gleams with enthusiasm as he explains to me how the experience led to his political enlightenment. "Prior to regular sniffing, I'd thought that ACT's policies were crazy. They seemed to be the very opposite of what was needed to fix this country. But as soon as I started to sniff then it all began to make perfect sense. And the more I sniffed, the more sense it made."

Fired-up on solvents, Hide introduced himself to ACT leader, Sir Roger Douglas. "It turned out that Roger was a sniffer from way back," recalls Hide. "So, of course, he invited me to be president of the ACT party. Those were great days. Roger and I used to pass around a tube of Ados S4, and churn out policy as fast as we could type."

Read the rest here. It's the best sort of satire - absolutely ludicrous, yet scarily believable at the same time.

Meanwhile, now I'm wondering what the Commerce Commission has been sniffing...